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Dennis Township Old School House Museum & History Center
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Our mission is devoted to the collection of artifacts, historic documents, and memorabilia as well as early photographs of our eight villages which are: Belleplain, Clermont, Dennisville, Eldora, Northwest Dennis, Ocean View, South Dennis and South Seaville. The Museum is Handicapped Accessible & A.D.A. Compliant.

accent image  "Friends of Dennis Township Old School House Museum" Meeting 07/12/2018  accent image

You are cordially invited to attend the next meeting of the Friends of Dennis Township Old School House Museum, scheduled for Thursday, August 9, 2018 at 5:30 pm at the Dennis Township Old School House Museum & History Center. Friends of Dennis Township Old School House Museum is a non profit organization, not a government agency. Its purpose is to research and preserve our township's history, including but not exclusive to helping to maintain and promote the local museum.

accent image  01/18/2018 - Joshua Fox from Artifact Assessment Program  accent image

January 18, 2018 - Joshua Fox from Artifact Assessment Program of the New Jersey Association of Museums visits the Dennis Township Museum for assessment. The New Jersey Historical Commission approved the application for assessment and the New Jersey Historical Commission grant covered all expenses for the program, with noi charges to Dennis Township.This event was attended by museum Curator Ray Rebmann, Al DiCicco, Bevio Rose O'Grady, Don Gooch, Thomas Laughlin and Dennis Township Committeeman Scott Turner, the DT committee liason to the museum. Also in attendance was Pastor Fred from the Dennisville UMC.

accent image  Sturdy Savings Bank Donation  accent image

The Friends of Dennis Township Old School House Museum thank STURDY BANK for the bank's generous donation to our organization. The bank's cash contribution will add to the fund the non-profit Friends organization has established to defray costs to restoring and maintaining the currently operating museum in historic Dennisville.

accent image  Prohibition Era Photos Wanted  accent image

Have any Prohibition era and/or themed photos with a Cape May County setting? We are preparing a book on Prohibition and how it impacted the county, especially Dennis Township. Please contact Ray Rebmann at if you have any photos you would like to share. You will be given credit in the book for any items you allow us to use.

accent image  Jan & John Haigis Recording at the Museum 10/22/2017  accent image

As part of the Music Preservation effort by the Museum, on a beautiful October Sunday morning 10/22/2017, Jan & John Haigis recorded 24 tracks at the Museum for their upcoming Christmas CD titled "Christmas Tide". Jan & John purchased a historic home just two houses down from the Museum.

accent image  Museum Image Slide Show  accent image

Thanks to the efforts of our tech wizard, Tom Laughlin from Power of Production Studios, the museum now has a 230 image power point slide show available for viewing on a 32 inch monitor at the museum. Step back in time to an earlier Dennis Township and enjoy seeing images of the area as it looked in the 19th and early 20th centuries. [Posted 10/07/2017]

accent image  Cape May Photography Club  accent image

Cape May Photography Club will visit the Old School House Museum on Monday, October 2 at 11 am. The club will learn some local history about the area before embarking on a photo taking tour of historic Dennisville. The museum will be open to the general public as well during this event. [Posted 09/18/2017]

accent image  Friends of Dennis Township Old School House Museum Fundraiser  accent image

Friends of Dennis Township Old School House Museum will hold a fundraiser at Cold Spring Village Brewery on Thursday, October 12 from 4-8 pm. Please contact Ray (478-3370 or for more information." Cold Spring Brewery is located in Historic Cold Spring Village, 733 Seashore Rd, West Cape May, New Jersey 08204. Click For directions. [Posted 09/15/2017]

accent image  Dennisville Historic Homeowners Association 28th Christmas House Tour  accent image

Dennisville Historic Homeowners Association holds its 28th Christmas house tour on Saturday, December 16 from 4:00-8:00 pm. Information about the tour is available at the Old School House Museum. Be sure to stop by during museum hours and ask for the "RED CARD". The museum will be open during the tour starting at 3:00 pm for early arrivals. [Posted 09/18/2017]

accent image  Musicians Al DiCicco & Sonny Purugganan Record at the Museum  accent image

06/16/2017 - Local musicians and singers Al DiCicco & Sonny Purugganan record 14 songs at the Dennis Township Museum & History Center. A great Summer Solstice recording session by Al & Sonny while Tom Laughlin from THL Audio Productions recorded them live on location at the Dennis Township Museum. A follow-up to the great first recording session held on 05/26/2017, this session features two singers with two acoustic guitars. This CD is titled "Grace For The Humble" and will be available the middle of July.

accent image  Musician Al DiCicco Records at the Museum  accent image

05/26/2017 - Local musician and singer Al DiCicco records 12 songs at the Dennis Township Museum & History Center. A great beginning to the 2017 Memorial Day Weekend, Al performed 12 songs while Tom Laughlin from THL Audio Productions recorded them live on location at the Dennis Township Museum. It was initially an experiment to see how the room sounded suggested by Tom, "the museum has such a nice natural sound to it", I thought it would be great to record Al in, and it was! Cocntact Al for a copy of this CD titled "Live At The Museum".

accent image  2 New Radar Speed Signs  accent image

April 01, 2017 - A well done goes out to Dennisville Historic Home Owners Association for once again being proactive in the community. Read the following...
Well, finally the end of another long and arduous project! The 2 new radar speed signs have been installed by Cape May County. One is at the corner of Gatzmer and Main Street in front of Duke’s property. The other is at the corner of Hall and Petersburg Road on the Museum property. We listened to input and with the help of the township engineer arrived at these locations. The one at the museum still catches drivers coming from the direction of Rt. 47 and gives a second alert to drivers using Main Street to Petersburg to the school and beyond.
To recap, the DHHOA paid for one unit. Dennis Township paid for the other unit. The one at the RR was paid for and installed by the County a few years ago and I am aware that the lower left LED bulbs on that unit are not working. The county, through a shared services agreement with Dennis Township, paid for the poles and installed the 2 complete units. Dennisville is not getting special treatment, the DHHOA put our money behind the project with the Township. Please feel free to share this with your friends and relatives and ask them to honor us by respecting the 25 mph speed limit through the village.

Images of America: Dennis Township

accent image  New Book introducing Dennis Township  accent image

August 2016 - Despite rumors of the book being sold out, the rumor is NOT true. Our book, "Dennis Township, a History" is not sold out. Plenty of autographed copies of the Arcadia publication are available, including at the Old School House Museum. Or you can email me at to arrange to buy a signed copy. Of course, you can purchase unsigned copies either on line (Amazon etc) or at select area stores, including Windy Acre Farms.

Publishing June, 2016 - The newest book in Arcadia Publishing's Images of America series. "Introducing Dennis Township" by Thomas Champion and Ray Rebmann. ISBN-13:978-1-4671-1632-9. Retail Price $21.99. To purchase contact either Thomas Champion at 609-390-1497 or email or Ray Rebmann at 609-478-3370 or email Tom and Ray are available for Signings, Presentations and other events. You can also visit Arcadia Publishing at and use the ISBN number to purchase.

"Article on Dennis Township Runs in Annual Campground Guide">

Dennis Township Environmental Commission - Contact: Ray Rebmann at
Immediate Release—February 15, 2016.

--Dennisville—Dennis Township has hit the big time. An article about the many unique historic and environmental attractions of the township has been published in the 2016 New Jersey Campground and RV Park Vacation Guide. The article, written by Old School House Museum curator and Dennis Township Environmental Commission (DTEC) Vice-Chairman, Ray Rebmann features photos of the museum as well as Magnolia Lake and Mill Hill in Ocean View.
The article emphasizes the many points of interest for visitors coming to the township to camp at any one of Dennis' sixteen campground facilities. Over 140,000 copies have been printed and free copies are already available at the museum and at the municipal building in Dennisville.
"The publication will be distributed at travel shows and camping expos along the eastern seaboard throughout the year," according to Joann DelVescio, Executive Director of the NJ Campground Association.
Campgrounds comprise a significant business segment in our Dennis Township community, and both the museum and DTEC will continue to work with local business for the benefit of residents and visitors alike.

accent image  New Museum Collection - Historic Churches  accent image

Featuring the Historic Churches of Dennis Township.

accent image  New Museum Collection - Union Cemetery, South Dennis, NJ  accent image

Union Cemetery, South Dennis, NJ.

accent image  New Museum Collection - Calvary Baptist Cemetery, Ocean View, NJ  accent image

Calvary Baptist Cemetery, Ocean View, NJ.

accent image  New Museum Collection - Musician's and Area Musical History  accent image

Musician's and the general history of music in Dennis Township and the local area has largely been ignored. This colletion of articles written by local people will help to bring out the stories of not only the local musician's that lived in the villages of Dennis Township but those that also lived close by and played in a variety of places both in and out of Dennis Township.

Juliette Gordon Low Birth Date  10-31-1860

accent image  Juliette Gordon Low 10-31-1860  accent image

In 1912, Juliette Gordon Low (1860–1927) founded Girl Scouts of the USA, an organization that today serves millions of girl members and alumnae, and reflects the arc of her remarkable life. An ardent believer in the potential of all girls and the importance of fostering their individual growth, character, and self-sufficiency, Juliette is credited with establishing and nurturing a global movement that has changed the world.

For more information on Juliette, please visit the Girl Scout web site at Girl Scouts

10-31-2015 - Girl Scout Troop 41032 honoring the Founder of the Girl Scouts Birthday by tending the grounds and gardens of the Dennis Township Old School House Museum & History Center. Troop 41032 is accepting donations of local plants and bulbs of various types for gardens and landscapes.

Girl Scout Troop 41032 tendin Musuem gardfens 10-31-2015 Girl Scout Troop 41032 tendin Musuem gardfens 10-31-2015

Ray Rebmann & Tom Champion 10-21-2015

accent image  Ray Rebmann & Thomas Champion  accent image

10-21-2015 - Dennis Township History braintrust reviewing final draft of the soon to be published book about Dennis Township. Co-authors Ray Rebmann & Tommy Champion.

accent image  Museum Website News - New Website Address:  accent image

The museum is now an independent web site hosting account with a new domain name & website at This allows for the expansion of content and for the addition of the "Oral History Project" audio files and many more images for the eight villages without interfering with the Dennis Township Municipal web site. Please update your "Favorites" & "Bookmarks" to the new address!

accent image  Oral History Project - Dennis Township Museum Now Recording Oral Histories  accent image

Exciting News! The Museum is now recording oral histories from our local veterans to preserve these first-hand accounts for generations to come! If you know of anyone who would be willing to help out by sharing their stories of military service, or general Dennis Township history, please contact the Dennis Township Museum at 609-861-1899.

accent image  Museum Reaches Out To Local Veterans  accent image

The Old School House Museum is developing an oral history project involving any interested township residents who are military combat veterans.

"We want to record their stories so that there will always be a record of the brave service they've provided," said Committeeman Al DiCicco, liaison to the museum.

DiCicco hopes that veterans from our nation’s military engagements will share their stories which will be tape recorded by museum volunteers. Copies of the recordings will be given to the participant with a copy retained for the museum for use by anyone doing related history projects.

"We are prepared to record each participant either via a question and answer interview or just turn on the machine and let them speak, whichever way is more comfortable for the participant."

While the project is still in the planning stage, museum volunteers are soliciting names and contact information of any township veteran who is interested in participating.

For more information, email the museum at

accent image  Attention Dennis Township Authors  accent image

The museum is currently developing a collection of the published works of local authors. If you have a published book (fiction, nonfiction, or poetry) which you would like to donate to include in our new museum collection, please contact Ray Rebmann at Your work will be catalogued and displayed in the museum.