Dennis Township Old School House Museum & History Center
Belleplain, Clermont, Dennisville, South Dennis, North West Dennis, Eldora, South Seaville, Ocean View
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Dennis Township Old School House Museum & History Center
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Our mission is devoted to the collection of artifacts, historic documents, and memorabilia as well as early photographs of our eight villages which are: Belleplain, Clermont, Dennisville, Eldora, Northwest Dennis, Ocean View, South Dennis and South Seaville.
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Somers Norton, Father of Phenie Coapman Coapman, Emma - Wife of John, Mother of James M. Coapman, James M. Coapman, John - Father of James M.
Coapman, Phenie - WIfe of James M Eisenberg, Abraham 10-30-1885 to 1976 Charles Fidler Middle Township High School Class 1923
Middle Township High School Class of 1920 Nickerson~Fisher, Deborah Wife of Ellis, Mother of Charles Nickerson, Thelma Nickerson, Aaron
Nickerson, Hattie Left, Nickerson, Margaret Peterson, Elizabeth Right Elizabeth Robinson Gandy Robinson on right
Mae Scull 1918 Mae Scull Connie, Frank, Lidia & Fred Bushnell Doris Robinson & Sara Brewer
Captain Ogden Gandy Roxana S. Gandy Sue Chester & Dorthy Higgins 1968 Annabel Lee
Bertha Vanartsdalen Brooks Blizzard Sr. Mulford Cole & Sisters William Walter Robinson Sr.
Helen Meerwald JP Collins Crew William S. Champion Tom Robinson
Aj Meerwald Clnton Nickerson Richard Leaming & Amelia Ludlam Leaming John Grace