Dennis Township Old School House Museum & History Center
Belleplain, Clermont, Dennisville, South Dennis, North West Dennis, Eldora, South Seaville, Ocean View
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Dennis Township Old School House Museum & History Center
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Our mission is devoted to the collection of artifacts, historic documents, and memorabilia as well as early photographs of our eight villages which are: Belleplain, Clermont, Dennisville, Eldora, Northwest Dennis, Ocean View, South Dennis and South Seaville. The Museum is Handicapped Accessible & A.D.A. Compliant.

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Controlling the environmental conditions in which your archival collections are housed is the single most important step you can take to ensure their preservation. Try to maintain moderate, constant temperature and relative humidity levels 24 hours/day, 365 days/year. Ideal levels are 65-70 degrees fahrenheit for temperature and 40-50% for relative humidity. Most importantly, try to avoid extreme fluctuations in these levels. Exposure to light, particularly sunlight, should be kept to a minimum. Minimize natural and fluorescent light. Any windows should have UV filters and/or light-blocking shades. Avoid fluorescent light bulbs, but if such bulbs are necessary, cover them with UV-blocking sheaths.
Use archival-quality storage materials, such as non-acidic boxes, folders, and sleeves. These archival enclosures work to create a “microclimate” that helps to protect collections from temperature and humidity fluctuations. When filling boxes it is important to not over- or under-fill them, as this can warp materials. Spacer boards constructed of acid-free corrugated paperboard should be used to provide extra support in under-stuffed boxes. Established archival suppliers include Gaylord Brothers, Hollinger Metal Edge, Light Impressions, and University Products.

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