Dennis Township Old School House Museum & History Center
Belleplain, Clermont, Dennisville, South Dennis, North West Dennis, Eldora, South Seaville, Ocean View
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Dennis Township Old School House Museum & History Center
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Our mission is devoted to the collection of artifacts, historic documents, and memorabilia as well as early photographs of our eight villages which are: Belleplain, Clermont, Dennisville, Eldora, Northwest Dennis, Ocean View, South Dennis and South Seaville. The Museum is Handicapped Accessible & A.D.A. Compliant.

accent image  Dennis Township Mayor & Committee  accent image

Thank You to all the current and past Dennis Township Township Mayors, Committemen and Committewomen for their support of the Museum over all the years. A Special "Thank You" to former Committeeman Al DiCicco, without his support, efforts and vision, the new museum web site would not have become a reality!

Thank You!

accent image  All The Volunteers both Past and Present  accent image

Thank You to all the volunteers both past and present, without your participation and hard work the Museum would not exist.

Thank You!

accent image  Dennis Township Residents & All Contributors  accent image

Thank You to all the Dennis Township residents and anyone that has contributed items, knowledge and history to the Museum.

Thank You!

accent image  Ray Rebmann  accent image

Curator & Historian and for keeping the Museum open & much more.

accent image  Bevin O'Grady  accent image

Deputy Curator Volunteer.

accent image  George Brewer Jr.  accent image

For the hundreds of photographs and so much more.

accent image  Tom Champion  accent image

For the photographs, and a wealth of knowledge about Belleplain.

accent image  Al DiCicco  accent image

For the Oral History project, Historic Cemeteries project,
and lots of photographs and supporting the Museum.

Thank You!

accent image  Thomas Laughlin  accent image

For audio/visual technical support, web site development,
computer tech, office setup, audio/video editing & photography.

Thank You!

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This web site was custom crafted by Thomas Laughlin proprietor of "Power Of Production Studio" during the months of August, September & October 2015 and donated to Dennis Township at the Committee meeting on 10/06/2015 as a volunteer effort to expand the presence of the Dennis Township Old School House Museum & History Center, and to preserve the history of Dennis Townships eight villages. Thomas was born in 1951 at the family homestead in North West Dennis and has remained a life long resident.

The Dennis Township Museum and History Center is part of the Township's multi-dimensional Culture and Heritage Department. This department is currently directed by Committeewoman, Lisa Salimbene who is the Liaison and Supervisor of the Museum's operations.

Click Here To Visit Dennisville Historic Home Owners Association

The Dennisville Historic Home Owners Association is a non profit corporation organized to study the history of Dennisville and the surrounding area and to encourage the preservation of the historic homes in the village and in the township so that future generations will be able to view them and learn about the history of the area. Originally accounting for 69 structures, the village of Dennisville is included as an historic district on both the national and state registers of historic places. Currently the DHHOA is in the process of re-surveying the Dennisville Historic District and the areas immediately surrounding the existing district to expand the Historic District. For more information please visit the DHHOA website by clicking the link above in yellow then Historic District Re-Survey in the menu or the DHHOA logo at the bottom of every page.